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Hello my name is Brian Belanger. I’m a web developer, proud husband and father, home brewer, hops farmer and sports fan. In my over 15 years in the Information Technology world I’ve worked in a few different areas tech support, network administration, e-learning, web development, digital marketing and dabbled in few more. During much of that time I prepared to someday start my own business where I could leverage my unique skill set and help small business owners tackle the many challenges of marketing their business effectively in the digital world.  

So I founded beehive solutions to bring my talent directly to the people. Over the past few years I’ve worked with a small number of core clients building new websites and creating digital marketing campaigns. I’m excited to share those projects with you on my projects page. There you will find some of recent beehive solutions website projects and links to those websites. Now I’m ready to reach out further and bring more local businesses into the beehive family.

The digital world is constantly evolving and many small businesses don’t always have the knowledge and resources to keep up with the changes. I understand. I’m seeking to help business owners better understand the internet landscape and how it affects their business. Enabling them to succeed online using engaging websites, search engine optimization, social networking, better email marketing and more to their advantage.

I offer a free consultation for new clients.  So let’s connect today and discuss how I can help your business move forward and reach new heights in 2018!

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