Quality websites start with a responsive design. The idea of a responsive website describes development techniques that create quality user experience whether your website visitor connects using their phone.. tablet.. desktop.. tv.. playstation.. refrigerator or computer.

Many moons ago some savvy web developers created tools like bootstrap and other responsive frameworks. These frameworks moved the web towards a consensus that embraced responsive design and abandoning older techniques like secondary websites for mobile users. Mobile specific sites posed issues where content was difficult to locate or worse unavailable. In the current landscape responsive websites are preferred by users and search engines. Because they can adapt to the width of your user’s screen size (or scale) whether your users visit with that new iPhoneX or an older device.

Today the rapid advances in mobile technology have shown that now most users are currently on mobile devices. When someone finds your business online and then visits your website but they find the mobile user experience lacking they leave. They may choose one of your competitors resulting in lost sales. In our digital society many people make their purchasing decisions based on their first interactions and in many cases that will be when they visit your website and most likely they’ll be using their phone.

Hopefully when potential clients visit they’ll learn more about your business and why they should choose to do business with you. It’s crucial to have an engaging responsive website to represent your brand well and help those users choose your business.

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